Imagine if you will for a moment that you are talking to a friend, a client, just someone you want to influence. You know that whatever you have to offer is something that they themselves would really enjoy. You talk and talk and talk, but you seem to be getting anything, but results. And the more you say the wrong things, the less results you get.

Consider all the words you are saying that get you opposite of where you want to go. You try and try to break all the way through the barrier they have. While they continue to only give you objection after objection. And really consider how much effort you put in to try and get those results, even though you get less than what you would have gotten if you just stopped.

Now think about being able to move above all of those objections and help others consider what really lies beneath their objections. Now realize that you will be able to comprehend people’s objections on ANYTHING, and turn them opposite to them, only to the extent that you choose. Really ponder how you will be able to get someone from an objection, to beyond more than the objection to see what lies underneath each word they say.

I wonder if you’d like the ability to talk to someone, and destroy absolutely the objections of that person. Now if that is something that totally interests you, then read The Power of Conversational Hypnosis.